• #1. Cold Email Sample for Sales
    Prospecting and Outreach

    The email that got Johnathan Dane from Klientboost his first 3 clients in his

    first month of being in business.

    Hi [Person]


    I've studied you guys for some time, and I think you're doing an awesome job with the company.
    Here's how you could make it even better.

    [Shows that he's been keeping up with the companies progress]


    1) Right now, you're shooting yourself in the foot, in the way you ask for visitor information. If you create a multi-step landing page, your conversion rates will go up.


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    2) You're not bidding on keywords like: "xyz", "abc", and "banana".

    With another [industry specific company], I was able to get them to a 43% conversion rate through phone calls and form submissions.

    [He didn't just tell them how his services could help, he provided examples and showed them the type of results they could get]


    I actually have a PDF with more [industry specific] improvements if you're interested. Just let me know and I can send it to you.

    [hook to get the influencers email address while still providing them value]


    It'll have you rodeo riding a pepperoni pizza of excitement in no time.

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    An important note to keep in mind - Always Be Revising.

    DO NOT send the same email to EVERYONE. Send emails in test batches of 5-10 until you've improved your response rate. Otherwise, you run out of potential clients you can email or talk to.

  • #2. Cold Email Sample for a Job Lead

    How Charlie Hoehn, from The Recession Proof Graduate, gained experience to

    finally work for Tim Ferriss.

    Subject: I want to work for you FOR FREE

    [Catch their attention with a great subject line]

    Hi [name],


    I'm a huge fan of your [work/company] and I really believe in your mission to [prove you understand why they do what they do]. Your work is important, and I'd love to help you reach the next level.



    The reason I'm emailing is to offer you my [professional skill that you have] services. Specifically, I would love to [some project that you can handle remotely], which will ultimately help you [increase sales/reduce costs/make customers happier].

    The reason I think this will help is because I noticed you've been [allude to the extensive research you've done on them, and the potential problems they'll face if you don't help them].


    I'd like to work on this project for the next two weeks. I can send you a brief email every other day with an update on my progress. I don't normally discount my rates, but for this project, I'm willing to do it for free. Here is a sample of the quality you can expect from me: [Link to your portfolio, or previous work you've done]


    If you don't like my work at the end of these 2 weeks, you can scrap it and move on. No money lost for you, and no hard feelings from me.

    But if you do like my work, I'd love to discuss setting up some more work for me to do. Would you be interested in this?

    [offer an easy out if it doesn't work out]


    Please let me know. As soon as I have the green light, I'll get started. I can be reached at [phone number].


    Transition from Working for Free to Getting Paid


    Hi [client's name],


    We've been working together for [number of weeks] now, and I'm thrilled with everything we've accomplished so far. Since we first started, we've [list results you've driven for their business, goals you've hit, impact you've made, etc].


    I've also learned some priceless lessons along the way, like [something you learned while working with this person].

    The whole experience has been invaluable to me, and I really appreciate you giving me a fair shot. My free trial run is coming to an end, but I would love to keep working with you.


    Going forward, I will continue working on project that will move you toward your goals and help bring your business to the next level. In fact, the next project I'd love to tackle is [some idea for work that you know will be valuable to them].


    The only change, of course, is that I would be charging for my services from this point forward.

    Are you still interested in working together on a paid basis? Please let me know what you think. Either way, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity, and I wish you all the best in the future.

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    It may take A LOT of time, but do your research and custom tailor every outreach email to the recipients needs.

  • #3. Freelancer's Cold Outreach Email Sample

    The email that got this freelancer hired in 60 seconds by Ramit Sethi of

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

    Hey Ramit,


    Love your site, especially the articles about automation and personal entrepreneurship. It's because of you that I have multiple ING Direct accounts for my savings goals, a Roth IRA, automatic contributions, and asset allocation, all set up.

    [Show that you've put their advice to use and the results you've garnered from that]


    I'm a web developer for [company name], a site that gets around 50 million visits per month. I used to do freelance work exclusively, and I'm preparing to make the switch back to doing freelance work ~30 hours / week while I travel and study in China.


    I work in Ruby on Rails, doing everything from the database to the front-end, and I'm especially good at rapidly prototyping new ideas and projects.

    [state your expertise clearly]


    In order to get myself back out there, I'd love to have the chance to do some development work for you completely gratis.

    If you like my work and have some paid projects for me down the road, that'd be great of course, but I'd be happy just for the opportunity to network and receive a little advice.


    I'm sure you have a project or two in the back of your head that you haven't had time to prototype yourself yet. Let me do it for you!

    [after your setup go in for the ask and note how it will add value to the other person]


    You can give me a call at ###, or find under Google Talk under [address].

    You can also check out some samples of my work here: [website]

    [Always provide samples of your work]


    Thank you

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    Show them how you've applied their advice and information to better your life, and or, career.