• #1. Responding to Negative Customer Feedback

    How Gary Vaynerchuk answers a 1-star review on Amazon for his book "Crush It!: Why NOW is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion".

    Customer: Don't WASTE your Money!!! (1-Star Amazon Review)

    Here's the straight to the point short answer for this book: Use facebook, and other social media sites to promote yourself! There, I just gave you all this book is going to give you. I simply gave it to you in one sentence for FREE instead of the $10 I paid for it on Amazon, and 2-hours of your time wasted reading it. It's really nothing more than a salesman's pitch book. And the pitch here is to buy his book, and read about him telling you THAT he used social media to grow his business, NOT HOW HE USED SOCIAL MEDIA TO GROW HIS BUSINESS.


    ***PLEASE NOTE***

    THIS IS NOT A "HOW-TO" BOOK BY ANY MEANS. If that is what you are looking for, then look elsewhere. This book is simply about Gary saying, I used social media to grow my business. And really folks, that's it.



    Gary Vaynerchuk: Tommy I am so sorry u feel that way my man :( I would be thrilled to send you the $ back and personally apologize. Pls email me if u see this at gary @ vaynermedia dot com

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    Not everyone is going to like your product. Be quick to respond WITHOUT getting defensive.

  • #2. Email Sample to Respond to a
    Refund Request

    How Oberlo took a bad review as a learning experience.

    Customer: Your Product Sucks!!! Give me a Refund!!!



    Dear [First Name]


    I'm so sorry our product didn't meet your expectations.

    We will, of course, process your return or exchange it for another product immediately.


    [Instructions for processing exchanges and returns]


    I'd love to know: What specifically was it about the product that you didn't like? This can help us improve our products and make customers like you happy in the future, so please consider sharing your feedback.

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    Just as every mistake is a learning experience, every bad review/complaint is a chance for you to improve your services.

  • #3. A Sample Email Answering a Customer Service Problem with a Visual Solution

    How CoSchedule will use visuals in order to explain the solution to the customer

    Customer: I'm having trouble doing X! Can you get someone on this ASAP?


    Hi Mark,


    Thanks for contacting support! If you don't mind, could you send me a quick screenshot of where you're not seeing those tasks? Are you looking for tasks that were assigned to other users on your calendar? If so, those can be enabled from the Calendar View settings under your filter menu here.



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    If you're still not quite seeing the tasks you're looking for, after enabling that, let me know!



    CoSchedule Customer Success Agent

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    If you can, post screenshots or even make a short video (gif) explaining the steps it will take to fix the problem.