• #1. A Sample Email of a Business Introduction

    How Lynn from Syntax Training introduces 2 of her favorite contacts.

    Subject: Introducing You Two for Networking


    Hi, Marta and Jeff. I’m delighted to introduce you.


    Marta, I met Jeff about a year ago and was struck by his passion for collaboration, mediation, and leadership; his wide breadth of knowledge for a young man, and his engaging demeanor. Jeff is a delight to get to know.

    [name some noteworthy traits of each individual and why it would be beneficial for them to meet]


    Jeff, I have known Marta for many years. She is a gifted collaborator, an incisive thinker, and a wonderful person who is passionate and active in social justice issues. Much of her work experience has involved mediating on environmental issues.


    I believe meeting would be a rich experience for you both, and I hope you will connect soon.



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    Note the positive skill sets of the person you're introducing. Subtlety note how person 1 can specifically help person 2.

  • #2. "Could you please introduce me to..."
    Email Sample

    How Alex Cavoulacos from The Muse would ask for an introduction from a colleague

    Subject: Introduction to [person's name] for [1-2 words describing purpose]


    Hi [name],


    I hope all is well with you. As you know, I've been [raising capital / growing our email list / leading the sales program at XYZ company]. I noticed that you're connected to [person's name] and was hoping that you could introduce us for [reason] if you feel comfortable doing so.

    [give them an easy out if they're not comfortable doing so]


    I've included an easy-to-copy blurb below, to provide context, but let me know if there's any other information I can provide. I appreciate your help!

    [your connectors time is valuable. Providing the blurb saves them time in trying to create one of their own]


    [Your name]

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    Providing the "easy-to-copy" blurb is being considerate of your receiver's time.

  • #3. A Sample Email of Being a Connector

    How Reid Hoffman of 'The Start-Up of You' connects individuals via email

    From: Ben

    To: Jake

    Subject: Do you want an intro to Brad?


    Hey Jake,

    Good seeing you again last night. Good luck with your upcoming fundraising process. Are you interested in an intro to Brad, the VC I mentioned? He might be a good resource for you – at the least, for feedback, and who knows, maybe he’d fund your company!


    Let me know.




    Assuming Jake responds positively….


    From: Ben

    To: Brad

    Subject: Open to being introduced to Jake?


    Hi Brad,

    I hope you are well. I wanted to check to see if you’d be open to being introduced to my friend Jake. Jake is a serial entrepreneur based in Palo Alto who I had dinner with last night. Sharp fellow. His new company seems pretty interesting – it’s in the email space – and they’re going to start fundraising soon. [Be upfront about what Jake is probably looking for – VC money!]

    I know he reads your blog and is a fan.

    Would you be OK if I made the email intro? No worries either way. [Give him an easy out – he gets tons of deals sent his way and statistically must say no to most.]


    Thanks and all best,



    Assuming Brad responds positively…


    From: Ben

    To: Jake, Brad

    Subject: Introducing you two


    Hi Jake and Brad,

    I’ve told each of you about each other already.


    Brad – Jake is the entrepreneur in the Bay Area starting a new company in the email space.

    Jake – Brad is the VC who’s funded over a dozen email-related companies.


    I recommend you two find a time to talk on the phone and have Jake explain what he’s doing to Brad. Brad’s on mountain time; Jake’s on Pacific time. Jake, can you suggest some times that may work for you to Brad and his assistant? [Again, be clear on the next step.]





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    Ask before going forward. Keep it short. Note the benefits for each party. Give them an easy out.