• #1. Outreach Email Sample to get
    Featured on a Blog

    The email that gets Tim Soulo from Ahrefs featured in roundups and blogs.

    Hey Jessica,


    I just stumbled upon your post at [publication] and the story of Melody Wilding caught my attention.

    [show them that you're familiar with their work]


    I recently reached out to 500+ bloggers and asked them to share their "guest blogging ROI" with me.

    [show them that you went the extra mile on your research and/or that it's unique]


    Turns out guest blogging is not as effective as many people think it is.

    For instance, the average referral traffic from a guest post (based on the numbers that 300+ people shared with me) is only 54 visits.

    [present the takeaways of your experiment]


    You can read all the takeaways from my research here: http://bloggerjet.com/guest-post/

    [don't ask them to feature you, but present them with the information that your article isn't the typical "ho-hum"]


    Being a guest blogger yourself, I would love to know your personal opinion on the ROI of guest blogging.



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    Notice how he didn't say, "please, please, please, read my article"! But rather offered a 'nonchalant approach' to presenting the information, and in the end, opening up a conversation with the recipient.

  • #2. Outreach Email to Get Your Brand Featured on an Online Publication

    The email that got Benji Hyam of Grow & Convert featured in the Huffington Post.



    In the last 24 hours this post has received over 6,000 views, over 400 recommendations, and 25 comments. I think it would be a great fit for HuffPost. Would you be interested in covering it?

    [if you have great stats, tell them]


    Why I Quit My Life


    I wrote this article to inspire people to take action.

    [state the purpose of your article]


    Yesterday, I quit my job and decided to travel while I start my business. The takeaway is if you want something badly enough, you can find a way.


    I decided to leave my job with only $4K in the bank and made it work.

    [talk about the key takeaways and how unique the experience/experiment is]


    This is my story.


    Also, I'm going to be writing a lot more about my experience - the ups and downs, successes and failures. Would love to contribute more content about my experience.


    Let me know.
    Benji Hyam

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    He kept his email short and sweet. He got to the meat of his article quickly.

  • #3. Outreach Email to Get Featured on a Blog

    The email that got Alex Turnbull, of GrooveHQ, article featured in Buffer.

    Hey man,


    Hope all's well.


    Been working on a blog post that I think will do really well, and could potentially be a great fit for the Buffer Blog. Would love to publish there (and help promote to our 7,000+ subscribers). Recently did posts on the KISS and Shopify blogs - let me know if you want first crack at this one :)

    [don't be afraid to use social proof, e.g., your email subscriber numbers, past publications where you've been published, to build trust in your content's quality]


    It's about some interesting results we found from testing stories on our blog. Basically, we took a post, tested a variant where everything was exactly the same, except we put a story-driven intro at the beginning to pull readers in.

    I expected it to do better, but I was surprised by how much better (300%) it did.

    [provide the takeaways of your experiment]


    Mind if I send the post your way for review?

    [ask them if they would like the url, don't assume]



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    See what he did there? Not only did he number drop his email subscribers, but the other major blogs that he's been featured on. That's called 'social proof'. Use it if you got'em!

  • #4. Sample Influencer Outreach Email

    The email that scored, Strikingly, 30 entrepreneurs for an article roundup.

    Subject: We both know your Queen Bee, Ash

    [Use a subject line that would catch their attention]

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    [use a gif that is relevant to the subject of your email]


    And this is why we would love to have you in our roundup "How You Got Your First 100 Customers".
    Would it be okay if we sent you the information needed for this roundup? It'll take you, max, 15 minutes.

    [Their time is valuable. Note the SHORT amount of time it will take to fulfill your request]


    Stay Boss

    [person at Strikingly]

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    Write a short, and "not obvious" subject line that raises curiosity so they can't help to click on the email to learn more.

  • #5. Sample Email to Get Featured
    by Popular Blogs

    The email that Hubspot has used to pitch editors that has landed them to be featured in

    Fast Company, ThinkGrowth, Entrepreneur, and more.

    Hi [First Name],


    My name is [Full Name], CEO of recruiting software firm [Company Name]. We believe companies need to remove explicit and implicity bias from their recruiting process so they can hire the best, most qualified candidate for positions.


    In the past, I've written about running face-to-face interviews for Entrepreneur [include link], and I recently published a piece on best practices for hiring based on skills-based tests [include link] for Fast Company.

    [name the subject and the publications where you've been featured]


    We've read your submission guidelines and would like to submit for your review a guest post: How to Run an Anonymous Recruiting Program.


    In it, your readers will learn [list 2-3 key elements of the article]:

    • How bias plays into the hiring process -- specifically the science behind our "biased brains"
    • How to reduce its influence on candidate selection with anonymous recruiting
    • A model for running an anonymous recruiting with step-by-step instructions
    [bullet point the key takeaways from your article]
    Here's a key point from the article:
    "[Insert quote from the article]..."
    I've attached the article and a short bio. You can grab a headshot here [link to image].
    [if they're in a time crunch or on deadline, you've just provided them with everything they need to run with your article]
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    I appreciate you taking the time to review.
    [Your Name]
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    They know what you do. They know why you do it. They pinpoint what the audience will gain. They even provided their bio and a headshot to make this even easier for the recipient to publish quickly.