• #1. A Sample Welcome Email for New Customers

    How Derek Halpern of Social Triggers figures out what products to make for his audience.

    What’s up [firstname]?


    Thank you for signing up. Every week, you’ll receive valuable advice that shows you how to turn web traffic into leads and sales.

    And if you’re not getting traffic, I have advice for that too.

    [remind them of what they signed up for]

    Right now, I want you to do two things.


    Thing #1:

    Reply to this email and tell me what you’re struggling with right now. Even if it’s something really small, don’t hesitate. While I can’t reply to everyone, I read every single one of these emails.

    [be upfront in getting to know their pain points. And "I read every single one of these emails" drives the point home - your opinion matters to me.]


    Thing #2:

    Prepare yourself. I whipped together some great stuff for you, and you’ll receive it soon, so keep an eye out.


    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Talk soon,
    Derek Halpern

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    Craft an email that invites conversation.

  • #2. A Sample of a Reader
    Survey for your Blog

    The survey that Kissimetrics uses when trying to figure out what products

    to make for their audience.

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    Here are some sample questions to ask

    1. What's your biggest challenge in ____?
    2. What's your most burning questions about ____?
    3. What's not out there? What product/service/tool/app would you like someone to create?
    4. What level of expertise do you have in ____? (Beginner/Intermediate/Expert)
    5. What's your preferred method of learning (reading, listening, watching, practicing, others)?
    [ask probing questions so you can REALLY get to know your audience]
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    Ask investigative questions in survey form (and, yes, you can use Google Forms - for FREE - for this).

  • #3. A Sample Email to Engage Your Audience

    The email Strikingly used to figure out what blog posts to create for their audience.

    Subject: Are we pissing you off?

    [To catch their attention in a subject line, sometimes it pays to be blunt]

    No seriously. We can take your answer...but be gentle.


    We're posting on social, and emailing you content that doesn't seem to be resonating with you. Something's up.

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    State the problem and use a gif to add a little extra 'umph' and light heartedness to your query]


    So, we want you to tell us.
    What is the most relevant thing you want to learn, right now, in growing your business or brand?


    Knowing this information will give us a better idea on what guidance you need.
    Here's some examples for you:

    • "I want step-by-step ideas and tutorials on how to find my first customers
    • "I want tutorials (and a sample email script) on how to reach out to influencers, in my industry, for a guest post/interview".
    • "I want a tutorial on how to design a beautiful website that will correctly represent me and my brand". 
    [provide samples to avoid confusion]
    With these examples in mind, hit reply and answer these two questions.
    1. Right now, I want to learn how to (choose one):
      a) Build an Online Business
      b) Build my Audience
      c) Monetize my Email List
    2. I want tutorials, specifically, on how to (___________________). 
    [tell them what to do next]
    Hit reply now and our content marketing duo (Susan and Gigi) will read every answer.
    [Stating that you will read every answer enhances the fact that you care about their pain points]
    With mad love,
    Your Strikingly Team
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    Every now and then, don't be afraid to be blunt.